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But guys there’s an afterlife now confirmed in canon where people can watch over their loved ones

Do you realize what this means?????

Do you realize Sasuke’s parents and his brother are probably together, watching over him and hoping he finds his…


if there’s no sasusaku moment in tonight’s chapter i honestly won’t be so disappointed, because i think that ever since chapter 685 there has been a silent agreement between sasuke and sakura. when he caught her and their eyes met, they were able to understand each other; he saw that she still loves him, and she saw that he does have feelings for her but wants to wait till the war is over to do something about it. that’s why there was so much emphasis in their eye-contact.


Title: nothing but trouble
Summary: in which Sasuke and Sakura squabble over whether their son’s curiosity is a good thing or a bad thing.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Monster
Rating: K+ (for the alluded implication of sex)
Warning(s): none, I think. A tiny pinch of almost inexistent angst, I guess lmao.


“He is going to be nothing but trouble when he grows up,” Sasuke declared, eyeing their six month old boy as he continued to struggle against the drawer he knew his father kept the weapons in. The shiny kunai never failed to fascinate the boy and catch the entirety of his attention, it seemed. He and Sakura had taken to the habit of putting locks on every cache of theirs, lest their curious boy find them and feel the need to open them.

“Oh, you’re too negative, Sasuke,” his wife chided, looking amused as she stared at their struggling baby. She lifted and hand to her mouth and giggled a bit secretively when Sasuke picked up one of Daisuke’s toys and gently threw it across the room to catch his attention. Expectedly, the baby’s head turned quickly towards the sound, and he wobbled a bit on his feet. She saw Sasuke tense a bit, body preparing to move in case he fell, and her heart melted warmly, awe washing over her features. He always had been hellbent on keeping those he cared most about safe from any slight harm.

She tried not to laugh when Daisuke stared at the thrown toy for a few seconds, before he turned his head in disinterest and struggled some more against the drawer, but completely lost it as she risked a glance to her husband, finding him baffled and affronted.

“I think,” she said, bumping her shoulder to his own, “that his curiosity is a really good thing.” When Sasuke looked at her like she was insane, she smiled and giggled, before she went on, “Think about it. He’ll be the best in his class because he’ll always be reading any book he can get his hands on. He won’t let any tiny, seemingly insignificant detail get past him. He’ll be more open-minded than most—which means he’ll accept everyone and everyone will love him for it.”

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